Loppholes The Musical "A flippant tour de force about taxation with musical representation... a charming affair." - Stage Raw
About Loopholes....
A musical parody about the IRS, taxpayers and winning with an ironic twist. The show  is performed with humor, song and dance with practical ways of maintaining your sanity when  dealing with the IRS as well as tax loophole suggestions.. What's funny about the IRS. You'll find out when you see Loopholes, A Pain in the IRS.
Stanley H. Rich (writer)

After successfully concluding what turned out to be an almost unlimited ordeal fighting the I.R.S., he conceived and wrote the IrReSistible musical comedy revue, "Taxpayer-Taxpayer" which went on to win three international GALA Awards. With taxes, scandals and loopholes in the news on a daily basis, he decided to rewrite the revue into the actual story of how he discovered loopholes to offset the loopholes the IRS used against him.

He used his personal dealings with the Internal Revenue Service as a means of demonstrating through laughter, how to view an adverse situation as a challenge rather than a defeat. He demonstrates his ability to turn a negative into a positive and the absolute necessity of picturing and believing in yourself as a winner.

He developed an unusual positive approach to dealing with the IRS as opposed to fighting with anger and frustration. He uses his experience to help others learn how to deal with IRS problems emotionally and practically and is often referred to as an IRS survival coach.

His successful financial background includes senior positions in medical research, securities, commodities, oil and gas development and real estate ventures. Combining his business, educational and personal experiences with the IRS, both representing clients as well as his own, he possesses the necessary tools to create this unusual, humorous and informative production.

With a flair for creative lyric writing, an active imagination, a positive attitude, and a desire to create laughter, he took this heretofore untouched subject matter and brought it into a new dimension.
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